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I always say: if you don’t like your current reality, just pick a new one.

But don’t worry, our work together goes far beyond snappy one-liners. Trust me, there’s a lot more to it.

Angela Bell

I believe true joy, peace, and wealth comes from becoming more.

Not just doing more.

But I didn’t come to that conclusion overnight. I’ve spent my fair share of time in the ring getting the (‘scuse my language) absolute crap beat out of me.

Now, I’m not one to saddle you with a rags to riches story. Because at the end of the day, the wealth and the 7-figure business? Those are just the outward manifestations of deep change that came from years of struggle.

(We’re talking about deep, Dark-Night-of-the-Soul-level struggle here).

I’ll never forget the day my doctor walked into the room after running, who knows how many tests. He said to me:

“Congratulations Angela! You’re 27 and you have the heart of a 92 year-old woman.”

Pfft. Congratulations indeed…

I knew he was right though. I had a completely empty tank. I was riddled with chronic illness, adrenal fatigue, and what felt like 8,000 other little problems that had finally stacked up too high.

I could barely move most days after all and often needed a wheelchair.

But, I was so young. I had my whole life ahead of me. How in the heck did I get here?

It was like I had been driving full speed with one foot on the gas and one planted firmly on the brakes for years.

That’s when I made a choice: I could  keep fighting with myself and keep trying to do do do more.


I could find full surrender, meet my body and soul right where they were, and actually become more.

I’m glad I went with the latter.

Because once I accepted change--that thing our brains fight tooth and nail--I was able to embrace myself and my challenges as necessary parts of growth.

(Cliché I know, but stick with me. This gets good.)

Just so you know, I didn’t shirk medical advice and start “thinking” my way to becoming healthier. That’s just not good advice.  

But I did learn from some amazing medical and psychological  practitioners ways to target old, automatic functions in the brain and rewire them to something better, something healing.

It was like creaking open a backdoor to the subconscious.

From there, it was lights out. I busted that subconscious door wide open like the Kool-Aid Man.

I got my hand on every book about people who had not just survived challenges but had thrived--not despite the struggles but because of them.

I studied the brain and discovered its power and how to harness it and point it toward progress.

My transformation was palpable. People took notice.

And, it wasn’t long before I was coaching people to find the same internal resources I had (the ones they already had too) and get where they wanted to go.

I worked in a functional medicine practice helping hundreds of patients get more from their healing journey. I was side-by-side with incredible mentors and professionals from a full-spectrum of backgrounds.

Then I noticed something. The people coming to me for depression, anxiety, weight loss, and a whole litany of other ailments started to see far-reaching results beyond their physical and mental health.

As in--better relationships, more peace, more confidence, and yea more money! (Go figure).

Because once we were able to clear out all the “junk in their closet”, they had a solid foundation, a track to follow in all areas of their lives.

People who thought they’d heard it all, seen it all, tried it all started to see real results and change that felt sustainable.

Seeing people find their power and rewire old patterns in the brain for the health, joy, and wealth they deserved was the little push I needed to buckle down, refine my methods, and strike out in my own business.

It was scary, but hey, leaning into fear is in my DNA. And that’s led me to some incredible places.

The Radical Results Method was born. I was a full-fledged entrepreneur.

But really, I should have known that the woman who tapped deep into herself, embraced the craziness of life, and found her way in the midst of struggle--that woman could become anything.

Nowadays, you’ll find me coaching my clients to their first, second, third multi-seven-figure years, helping people crush emotional eating, and transform their relationship with money, time, safety, and worth (AKA the keys to success).

When I’m not doing that? I’m hanging with my two amazing sons, climbing 12,000 ft. mountains, and binge-watching Madam Secretary.

It’s time to pick a new reality. Stop trying to withdraw more resources from an empty “energy account”, and become more, become who you were meant to be.

No matter where you start from, you were not born to fail. You were born to rise.
I’m here to be your mentor, lovingly call you on your bull, and help you love your journey.
Once you’re in with me, you’re in for life.
Let’s get started.

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Angela Bell is a Neuro-Results Coach, 7-figure entrepreneur, and creator of the Radical Results Method ™.  She has been featured in ABC, iHeartRadio, and Revealed Films . Since 2006, she has helped hundreds of people earn multi-seven-figures, beat emotional eating, and develop solid-as-a-rock foundations for living the life they deserve. Angela has one mission: to help you stop just “doing more” and help you become more and she’s got all of the tools to help you do it.

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