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Attract Your Wealth

The truth is you can set those audacious goals and reach them.

But--permission to speak frankly--“Just work harder” won’t get you there.

Look, I get it. You’ve done everything under the sun but not gotten the results you want.

Problem is--you’re stuck just trying to do more instead of becoming more.

We’re all human and we all have brains that resist change (even the kind that gets you radically great results).

That’s why, in each one of my signature programs, I work with you to:

  • Rewire your brain to feel safety and abundance so we can do the life-altering work of getting you revolutionary results.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and use them to get you where you’re going—easier than ever.
  • Put an end to old patterns that keep you perpetually stuck in a rut.
  • Bust through that “success ceiling” you’ve unintentionally set for yourself.

If you’re here it’s because, somewhere along the way,  you’ve hit a wall. Let’s break through it.

The secret to getting you the results you’re after? My signature Radical Results Method ™.

I’ve spent years perfecting this method and getting my clients (and myself) radical change in all areas of life. Whether it’s tackling self-doubt, having better relationships, crushing emotional eating, building bigger businesses, or setting 7-figure income goals, the Radical Results Method ™ works.

Which is why this method is at the core of everyone one my programs and it’s how we unblock your brain and unlock your success (in health, life, and wealth).  

It’s not magic (though it feels like it) it’s neuro-science and tapping into the power of your brain that makes your new life achievable--on autopilot.

Ready to finally become more?

There’s several ways to get your revolutionary, “how-the-heck-did-you-do-that” results:


Automatic Success Accelerator

The Automatic Success Accelerator is my signature year-long, mastermind-style coaching program. My  team and I teach entrepreneurs how to accumulate greater supplies of time, confidence, happiness, and wealth. In fact, it’s not uncommon for my students to double and even triple their revenue in as little as the first few months of this program.

So what can we do in a whole year?

We’re talking change and power that is so palpable, people will take notice.

Because not only will you learn how to be more productive and exercise your creative genius, you’ll even see results beyond your business like resolving personal matters and inner conflict--so you can be highly creative and highly profitable.

  • Entrepreneurs ready to think big... no *bigger*.
  • Ambitious independent thinkers who are already making money but know they could make more.
  • Nose-to-the-grindstone business owners who are ready to integrate new, transformative habits into their business and their daily lives.
  • Those ready to step into the leadership, sales, and the wealth they were always meant for.
People and Stories

Kat Merritt

“Angela does things in a way that reaches into your soul and removes the things that you didn't know were holding you back. I had built a multi-million dollar sales and marketing business that I sold for over 20 million dollars and had a personal annual income nearly seven figures but I was just not getting where I wanted to go. After working with Angela for a couple of months, multimillion-dollar opportunities just started coming out of the woodwork. With the work she did, removing my financial success blocks and implementing solid foundations to handle more, I am going to have my first multi seven-figure personal income year and will be working in the business of my dreams. I can attest that 100% of this happened because I chose to work with Angela.”

Kat Merritt

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Working with Angela Bell has been an absolutely life-changing experience for me in both my business and my personal life! In the first 3 months of working with Angela, my revenue increased by 27.5%!!! That is a game changer for sure. But not only is my revenue and sales averages steadily increasing, the life and mindset skills I have learned have given me a greater sense of inner strength, peace & happiness in both my business and my personal life. I have become the leader I always knew was inside and I am leading my team in my business and in my personal life to great success! As a matter of fact, my peers and friends are asking me “What has changed? What are you doing to make such an incredible change in your life?” And I simply tell them...Angela Bell.
Partner/Art Director Mainframe

Rewire Your Money Blocks

Achieve money mastery in just 4 weeks with my signature Rewire Your Money Blocks program.

Learn how to use the strengths you already have, and rewire your brain full-speed ahead toward a life where you not only make more money you completely transform your relationship with it. Which means bigger paydays and building more wealth.

This course is perfect for:

  • Anyone ready to make more money and build more wealth.
  • Stressed out spenders who want to be free of that “where did all my money go?” feeling.
  • Those who perpetually feel the need to “get a handle on their finances”.
  • Action-takers looking for more confidence, more sales, and better money habits.
People and Stories

Lara Koppmann

“I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I lacked confidence, and was filled with self-doubt. One of the biggest things that scared me was how I lacked the ability to believe in myself to ‘dream big’ or set monetary goals for my business. My biggest challenge was being able to take care of and put myself first. I had an incredibly difficult time when it came to saying no to others and creating boundaries (in both my personal and business life.) I have been able to run my business on my terms, and confidently represent my work from a place of love & service while being able to create value for my customers. Since putting these key ideas into practice the money has followed! ”

Lara Koppmann

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Craving Code

Craving Code

It’s time to finally get ahead of your emotional eating struggles.

Trust me...you’re not actually craving another Twinkie (but you might be craving your childhood).

I’ll show you how to unpack your brain’s protective mechanisms--the ones that have you going back to the pantry again and again--and have them pushing you toward healthy habits effortlessly.

This course is perfect for:

  • Burnt out yo-yo dieters ready for lasting change and healthy habits for life.
  • Those perpetually gaining and losing weight (and not knowing how to create lasting change).
  • Stressed-out, “I-just-have-a-slow-metabolism” individuals who are ready to stop standing in their own way of lifelong health.
  • Anyone ready to lose weight and stop emotional eating--for good.
People and Stories



“Before working with Angela, chocolate hazelnut ice cream was kind of my weakness. I felt like I could be good for a day or two. Usually, on Mondays, I would be like, “I’m awesome by Monday. Tuesday, I’m great. Wednesday I would cave a little bit. By the time the weekend came, I was back into my old habits and I just started eating all the things that I knew ‘shouldn’t’. After just one session with Angela I broke free of those cravings. I just don’t have them anymore. I haven’t had ice cream since. “


I have had my own coaching business for 7 years now. Investing in Neuro Life Coaching Certification Program has been beneficial for two reasons. The first is that I have learned new skills and tools that I use daily with my clients. The second is that I have been able to take my business to the next level and double my income.
Coach - Transformation Code
"How has it helped me now? How am I now? I'm a vibrant person. I know where I'm going. I have goals. I am helping other people, which is ultimately the goal is to help other people along the way in this journey. It opened up a whole new world of light and knowledge really, and it's very exciting. I actually feel like I have a purpose and want to live, so yeah. She once asked me if I could describe what it was like in a song actually, and it was quiet bird and in a cage, and if this bird doesn't get out of the cage, it's going to die. She basically opened the cage for me so that I could fly."

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We’re a multi-million dollar dream team if...

  • You’ve always been a bit of a misfit, an independent thinker, a "want-more-out-of-lifer".
  • You know you’ve got serious strengths inside, you just want to reroute your old, tired patterns toward something great.
  • You don’t believe in “magic pills” or “silver bullets”. You’ve gotten where you are through old fashioned sweat equity and you’re not scared of a little more.
  • You’re already working toward your goals--you just know there’s a more effective way to do it.
  • You know that to get million dollar results, you gotta have million dollar strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will your programs be open?

My programs open at various points throughout the year. Make sure you don’t miss your shot at getting targeted, radical results by joining the waitlist for any or all of your desired programs.

Q: How long will it take

Courses range from 4 weeks to 1 year (and many are self-paced) so generally, the answer is--as FAST as you’re willing to work for them.

Q: ...can’t I just do this on my own?

If you’re here, I’m assuming it’s because you’ve been white-knuckling your way to more joy, health, and wealth. I show you how to get their--without gritting your teeth.

Q: How much access do I have to you?

While I have designed, created, and recorded all of the program modules myself, the only way to currently get more hands-on access to me is through the Automatic Success Accelerator and 1:1 coaching.

Q: How will I receive the lessons for each program?

All video modules, bonuses, worksheets, and cheat sheets are delivered through Thinkific.

Q: How long do I have access to the programs for?

You have instant, lifetime access to all program materials, including any updates.